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3D printing
PET-G plastic

PET-G plastic combines the properties of non-shrinkage comparable to PLA plastic, while having the strength of ABS plastic. Incredible layer caking and chemical resistance.

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3D printing technology

Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Characteristics of PET-G plastic

3D printing wall thickness (minimum) 0,9 mm
Charpy impact strength 4,17 kJ / m2
Tensile strength along layers 36,5 MPa
Tensile modulus along layers 1,12 GPa
Flexural strength 76,1 MPa
Flexural modulus 2,06 GPa
Maximum bending load 120 n
Tensile strength across layers 33,6 MPa
Tensile modulus across layers 1,73 GPa
Maximum tensile load 1485 n
Compressive strength 51,7 MPa
Compressive modulus 1,81 GPa
Maximum compressive load 6386 n
Elongation ratio 2,41%
Biodegradability n / a
The dielectric constant n / a
Yield strength at stretching and at a temperature of 23 ° C 53 MPa
Flexural strength 2,8 mm / min. 23 ° C 76,07 MPa
Shore hardness (D scale) 76
Oil and petrol resistance (maximum shape change in 24 hours) n / a
Oxygen index,% O2 according to GOST 21793-76 n / a
Ash content according to GOST 15973 n / a

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3D printing options

Density 1,38 kg / dm 3
Recommended Print Temperature 235-265 ° C
Print speed 20-40 mm / s
Glass transition temperature 60 ° C
E-module 2800-3100 N/mm2
Tensile strength 55-75 N / mm 2
Accuracy of printing 0.3 mm

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Monograms on a substrate

Printed in two parts. Each part took approximately 45 hours to print. An interesting feature is that when assembled, the pattern will converge. So from such tiles, in fact, you can make an endless strip. The product was made on the AnyCubic Chiron 3D printer.

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