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3D printing with polypropylene

One of the hardest 3D printing materials. It shrinks enormously during the 3D printing process. Our experience allows us to work with such materials.

Always consult with a specialist to understand the final result.

3D printing technology

Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

PP characteristics

Izod impact strength

4,5 kJ / m2

Tensile strength along layers

n / a

Tensile modulus along layers

1800 MPa

Flexural strength

n / a

Flexural modulus

n / a

Maximum bending load

n / a

Tensile strength across layers

n / a

Tensile modulus across layers

n / a

Maximum tensile load

n / a

Compressive strength

n / a

Compressive modulus

n / a

Maximum compressive load

n / a

Elongation ratio


Tensile breaking stress

250-400 kgf / cm²

Flexural modulus,

6700-11900 kgf

Melting temperature

160-170 °C (77°F)

Elongation at break


Density of material

0,90-0,91 g / cm3

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