Rapid prototyping

Order a working model, prototype device or part. Specialists Studia3D the best in design, construction and modeling.


Applying 3D printing technologies, we gain in terms of time for making a layout in comparison with competitors. 


From the point of view of obtaining a complex shape, a 3D printer has no equal. Layouts can be of any complexity.


Printed models are generally lighter than traditional parts. This will come in handy when transporting or installing.

Industrial design on the example of a hull for Russian Railways

Gearbox (Engineering pistol) is a new development of Russian Railways to simplify the work of engineers who provide preventive maintenance work for cars.

A primitive wood sample of the future case for this device came to us. Our task was to correct the appearance of the case while maintaining the fit dimensions for the internal placement of the working tool and electronics.


Rescue module development

В Studia3D addressed Mikhail Shcheglov, inventor:

"I started developing a unique rescue module in the spring of 2014. This project is part of a study on modeling pneumatic structures capable of collecting, storing, distributing and even converting solar energy and the energy of atmospheric precipitation (rainwater)."

We had a specific challenge: to deliver an effective presentation. As a result, it was decided to make a booklet with a detailed description of the project and illustrations, a video description of the project and a large-scale collapsible color model on a 3D printer.

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