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Ultem material

Ultem is a high strength thermoplastic material that has unique properties making it an ideal choice for creating strong and durable parts. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide you with high quality 3D printing using this innovative material.

We work great with quality materials from leading suppliers.

Benefits of 3D printing with Ultem

Trust 3D printing in our reliable hands and you will get quality parts that will exceed your expectations!

1. High strength: Ultem has amazing mechanical strength, which allows you to create parts that can withstand extreme loads and conditions.
2. Temperature resistance: Ultem material has high temperature resistance, making it an ideal choice for applications operating at elevated temperatures.
3. Chemical resistance: Parts made from Ultem are not only durable, but also resistant to various chemicals, which expands the scope of their application.
4. Light weight construction: Ultem material has a low density, which contributes to the creation of lightweight yet strong parts, especially in the aerospace and aviation industries.
5. High precision and detail: With advanced 3D printing technology, we guarantee high precision and detail in every Ultem printed part.

3D printing technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Specifications Ultem 9085

Tensile strength 71,6 MPa
Tensile modulus 2200 MPa
Tensile elongation 6%
Flexural strength 137.8 MPa
Flexural modulus 3430 MPa
Izod impact strength (notched) 106 J / m
Izod impact strength (not notched) 613.8 J / m
Thermal Deformation (264 psi) 153 ° C
Glass transition temperature 186 ° C
Volume resistance 1.0x10E10 - 6.0x10E9 OM
Dielectric constant 3.2-3.0
Dissipation factor 0.027 - 0.0026
Dielectric strength 290-110 B/mm to/mm
Dielectric constant @ 60 Gi 3.17
Dielectric constant @ 1 MHz 2.96
FAA flammability Less than 5
OSU total heat dissipation (test 5 min) 36 kW/m?
OSU total heat release (2 min test) 16 kW/m2
vertical combustion 2 c
Oxygen index 0.49
Density 1.34 g / cm3
Available items Ivory, black
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