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The model can be printed with an accuracy of 200 microns on a personal 3D printer.


The model can be printed with an accuracy of 50 microns on a FormLabs 3D printer. 


The ProJet 2500W will help you print your model if you need the highest accuracy !.

We will print any detail

Choose the technology for your detail!


Now it is possible to print with wax even on a conventional FDM printer. For large items, the quality of a conventional printer is sufficient. At the same time, the cost is lower than that of SLA or MJM. The minimum wall thickness is 1 mm.

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SLA 3D printing has high detail, and you need to take into account the presence of a supporting material, which will have to be removed manually, but at a cost lower than MJM. Minimum wall thickness 0,9 mm.

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Typically, customers choose the MJM technology when the finest detail is needed, because MJM uses the wash-out support principle. The layer height is 16 micrometers. Minimum wall thickness 0,4 mm

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Own equipment for 3D printing!

A revolution in 3D printing with Wax !!!!

Lost wax is now available for FDM 3D printers. If you do not require the high accuracy that is obtained with SLA or MJM 3D printing, then you can order FDM 3D printing from Wax. 

Any size

We have really large 3D printers in our park. similar ...


3D-printing with melted material using FDM technology is much cheaper than SLA or MJM!

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