What material to use for 3D printing?

Fill out the table below. After receiving the data, our specialist will contact you with proposals for materials. For a high-quality selection of material, try to fill out the table in as much detail as possible.

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The most affordable 3D printing method using FDM technology. Suitable for most tasks. It will be an excellent solution where minimum loads are required, both strength and vibration.

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Metal 3D printing is not inferior in properties to foundry products. The 3D printing technological process allows the production of truly complex products without the need for complex and expensive molds for casting or blanks for milling and turning.

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Plastic with enhanced characteristics, both strength and temperature. Excellent surface quality. Laser sintering technology.

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An alternative to thermoplastics with enhanced properties. Good load bearing capacity, resistance to temperature and various media.

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They are used when it is required to produce a quality part. Minimum ability to resist stress. The accuracy is higher than other materials.

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Flexible materials can be used in FDM, SLA, SLS technologies. Incredible elongation, high tensile strength.

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Burned out

We make burnt products using the following technologies: SLA, MJM, FDM. An excellent solution for foundry workers, jewelers and other design tasks.

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