How to place an order for figures, sculptures, decorations?

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When creating a technical task, use the hint. Download and fill out the terms of reference template and attach the required materials.

In the terms of reference, it is necessary to indicate the availability of a 3D model of the future object, the file formats of the 3D model and the name of the program in which the design was carried out. If available, be sure to attach images and technical documentation for the project. Specify the operating conditions for the project and installation site.

Do not ignore the completion of the terms of reference. The more accurately and in more detail you describe the need, the less time we will have to spend on calculating the cost of manufacturing a future project.

terms of reference template

An example of preparing a 3D model for 3D printing

The model has been divided into several component segments to fit within the build area of ​​the 3D printers. After printing, the segments were assembled. More...

Making sculptures

Large-sized 3D printing of ART objects

Our sculptures and art objects are made faster. Strength is greater than that of analogs made of concrete or metal, while the weight is less. We only work with innovative materials.

Learn more about the 3D printing process "
Making sculptures

Printing complex shapes

Company in practice, more than once faced with the manufacture of complex shapes, for example, like this one. XNUMXD printing technologies allow you to "grow" objects, and thanks to post-processing specialists, the products take on a perfect look.


Making sculptures

Turnkey finished product

The best designers, engineers, post-processing specialists, paint specialists and logisticians will provide a high-quality, timely and technological solution to your problem!

Materials We will select material for your project. 


In the course of work, we sometimes turn to specialists for help and advice if the tasks facing the team Studia3D, go beyond simple 3D printing and require expert judgment.

Making sculptures

In one of these cases, we needed the help of experienced sculptors to fully satisfy the client's request, and, if possible, exceed his expectations.

Combining technology

We are well aware that sometimes XNUMXD printing technology alone is not enough to get the desired result. In such cases, we resort to integrating various technologies.

Making sculptures

For example, in the course of solving a case for the manufacture of a robot for a children's store, we installed a light panel in the helmet area. After this "intervention", our robot acquired not only the desired shape, but also began to perform additional functions.

Making sculptures

3D Printing VS Styrofoam?

What are the main advantages of 3D printing over the popular method of making art objects?

1. Production speed - you can still manage to close the project, even if the redline was yesterday.

2. Quality. We can impart various physical and chemical properties to plastics, give "transparency" or bring light into a figure.

3. Sustainability. Unlike styrofoam, our plastic does not crumble - it is made by the best chemists in the world.


Making sculptures

Durability of products

The product in the photo has a wall thickness of only 5 mm. In addition to durability, it is worth mentioning the resistance of our materials to environmental influences. 

Will stand the street

Resistance of materials to weak chemical solutions, critical temperatures, wind, sand, moisture, etc.

Withstand the load

The ability of the material to carry a huge load on itself. The technology makes it possible to obtain complete sinterability of the layers. 

Making sculptures

Product size

We can both segment objects and make large products in one setup! 

Segmenting the model

We print many products on small printers, having previously segmented the 3D model. After 3D printing, we assemble your product by pairing individual parts. 

One-piece production of the model

For solid 3D printing, we use large 3D printers. The speed and productivity of large-scale 3D printing allows you to manufacture products in the shortest possible time. 

Making sculptures


We take great care of the safety of our products, especially in the case of long trips. We always provide high-quality packaging for shipment.

For land transportation


For air transportation


Making sculptures


We do not just organize delivery, we accompany the cargo all the way to the client.

In Russia

We have our own freight transport, which can organize delivery within Moscow and nearby cities. In the case of sending to the regions, we cooperate with transport companies. 

To other countries

We use a variety of delivery services to ensure that the client is as comfortable as possible while waiting for the shipment.

Making sculptures

Installation work

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including delivery and installation of products to the customer's address.

Case "Shokoladnitsa"

Team Studia3D delivered and installed two life-size figures, carried out the installation of art objects in the form of birds on the ceiling of the capital's restaurant.

Case "Ice Sculpture Park"

We delivered 17 figures to a distance of over 1700 km, mounted 16 suspended figures to a height of more than 19 meters, and provided power to the facilities.

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We will make your product of any complexity!

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