Oversized 3D printing

Any form in great performance.



You can familiarize yourself with the projects in which we took part.


Different materials require a different approach to model design.


Choose your material!

Wood, stone, fiberglass, carbon fiber !!!


Large 3D printing

During our work, we have gained extensive experience in design, calculations and production. We were able to distinguish for ourselves two types of printing of large-sized items. 

Segmentation by parts

Simultaneous printing of segments of one object on a large number of 3D printers, followed by parts soldering and processing.

Large 3D printing

The use of a huge 3D printer that allows you to make large-sized products in one pass. 

Segmentation by parts

Descriptive part on segmented 3D printing technology using the example of one of the orders.

  • 3D printing of segments

    Followed by a cold seal

  • Putty and primer

    Surface preparation for painting

  • Painting process

    With the selection of a color palette according to RAL

  • Finished result

    Height 2,5 meters 

Oversized printing

3D printing provides a good alternative to the existing method of manufacturing processes. 

  • Manufacturing of ART-Objects

    Using different colors

  • Large layouts

    With different properties

  • Products for painting

    For post-processing

  • Large products

    Grown in one setup

  • Figures and faces

    Maximum detail and realism

Equipment and materials

Depending on the task, we can use various materials and equipment. To obtain strength - some types, to obtain a beautiful visual effect - others.

Equipment list ...
Materials ...

Reinforcing metal frame

Metal frame on the example of one of the orders for the manufacture of a full-size armchair based on the TV series "Game of Thrones".

More about the project ...



Repeated studies have shown that large-sized 3D printing produces products with high strength, but very light in weight. Which allows this technology to be used in unexpected places!

Specific strength parameters can be obtained using various composites.

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