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DOKer is the only documentary film festival in Russia where a professional jury evaluates separately the work of a director, cameraman, sound engineer and editing director.

The festival is held annually. Not only Europeans and Americans take part in the festival, but also representatives of rare cinematographies from Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania.

3D printing

3D printing of figurines

Every event should have awards, that's what we did for the festival.

The 3D model was created based on the original statuette provided by the customer. It was originally planned to scan the original figurine and print a copy, but they did it differently.


3D printing

Modeled from scratch

At that moment, our 3D scanner was working on the road, so taking into account the tight deadlines, it was decided to model the statuette from scratch. Modeling was carried out in the ZBrush software package.
They decided to make the silhouettes hollow.


3D printing

Finished figurines

Then everything follows the knurled pattern: 3D printing, glossing, painting, assembly.
The base is stone. The inner empty space was filled with metal shot and then filled with liquid plastic. This procedure made the prizes more weighty. Gave, so to speak, solidity to future prizes.

Large production 

Own equipment for 3D printing!

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