3D printing of cabinet products

The case is a product that requires an individual and systematic approach to production. And we know how to do it.

For inventors

Housings for boards, meters, special devices

For medicine

Medical instruments, measuring instruments

For electronics

Enclosures for interactive and media equipment


Recently, 3D printing of various cases is gaining popularity. This manufacturing method does not require expensive mold creation and subsequent casting operations.

Work examples

3D printing of housings for medical devices

Often we are faced with interesting and extraordinary tasks. This time we were honored to make cases for medical measuring devices!

Since the specifics of the work required high precision, it was decided to make the body from photopolymer with subsequent processing.


3D printing of body parts

В Studia3D an order was received for the manufacture of a housing for guides for boards. The case was supposed to be the lining of the device, so it was subject to requirements for color and surface quality.

The example of this order shows how 3D printing is perfect for creating body parts of varying complexity.


We are engaged in the design of enclosures

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