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Custom 3D printing with composites!

Our company is engaged in 3D printing of composite materials: both carbon-filled and glass-filled. Cooperation with leading manufacturers of materials for 3D printing allows us to develop in this direction every day!

You can order 3D printing from composite materials from us right now!

Send a request by mail 3dprint@studia3d.com.com or use the automatic system for calculating the cost of the order.

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We can make a composite specifically for your project!

We can create a material with unique properties specifically for your order. Cooperation with the largest manufacturers of materials for 3D printing and vast experience in 3D printing allows us to give unique properties to products!


With the use of composites and large 3D printers, we can multiply the speed of 3D printing. 


Unique properties for your project. 


We are not limited in the size of 3D printing, because we have large size 3D printers.

3D printing technology

Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Glass filled (GF)

Composite materials in which a fine fraction of glass is used as an additive. They work great on sliding and do not shrink.

Carbon Fiber (CF)

Composite materials in which a fine fraction of carbon fiber is used as a filler! Due to this, the materials acquire high strength.

Minimum thickness

For good quality sintering of layers and high strength, it does not use thicknesses less than 1 mm. The use of a smaller thickness must be agreed with specialists for a long time.

Incredible durability of printed products!

Now you can get really durable products using 3D printing!

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