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Manufacturing of products to order


More than 3 units of 230D printers have been installed on the 3D farm to make orders. 3D printers work on FDM, SLA, LCD technology.

Working hours

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 18:00
Friday: 9:00 - 16:00
Saturday - Sunday: Day off

Manufacture of goods


There are 3 units of 40D printers installed on the 3D farm for the manufacture of goods. 3D printers work on FDM technology. Thanks to our 3D farm and the use of FDM technology, you can create innovative and high-quality products.

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Manufacture of high-precision products


3 units of 10D printers are installed on the 3D farm for the manufacture of precision products. 3D printers work on LCD, DLP, SLA technology. Thanks to our 3D farm and the application of 3D printing technology, you can create innovative and high-quality products for various industries such as industry, medicine, architecture, modeling and others.

Studia3D aggregator

Order distribution system

System Studia3D Aggregator provides members with the opportunity to select the desired 3D model, specify printing options such as material and resolution, and place an order. The system then automatically allocates orders to participants who have 3D printers ready to complete those orders.

Thermoplastics and composites

We are glad to receive your orders for 3D printing. High production speed, extensive experience with equipment and materials. Full production cycle. 

Complete list of equipment "

Painting and coatings

Painting and chrome plating with aluminum of products after 3D printing will allow you to achieve a unique quality of product performance. Modern materials will keep the original appearance of the product for a long time! 

Learn more about painting "
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