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15.08.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Small-scale 3D printing

3D printing of a small series of parts from Pet-G! When a large number of parts are required, without...

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31.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Order 3D printing online

Batch of parts from black Pet-G 👍 The order was made through the online payment system Studia3D 3D printing...

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04.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing from Pet-G

3D printing parts from Pet-G Studia3D Filament The characteristics and features of the filament can be found on...

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29.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Photopolymer 3D printing

And again, parts made of photopolymer resin👋🏿 You can understand from the shape that this is the same customer,...

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07.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing of profiles

Before ordering from an extrusion company, the designers decided to check the dimensions of the seats by printing the products with us. ...

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20.02.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Coronavirus Covid-19 Mockup

Model of 2019-nCoV, the well-known coronavirus Done without painting from parts of different colors! Download 3D model...

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13.10.2021/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D Printing Championship

Our competence includes not only 3D printing, but also the organization of related events. One of...

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