Individual entrepreneur Kamonichkina Natalya Vladimirovna, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, on the one hand, publishes this offer agreement for the provision of Services, which is an offer to third parties (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Civil Code of the Russian Federation) ...


1.1. "Offer" - this offer containing all the essential terms of the agreement, from which the will of the Contractor is seen to conclude an agreement on the conditions specified in this offer with any person who responds.

1.2. "Rules" - these rules for the manufacture of Products used on the website, which are guided by the Contractor and the Customer in their relationship with the manufacture of products.

1.3. “Contractor” - IE Kamonichkina Natalya Vladimirovna, actual address: 105122, Moscow, Shchelkovskoe highway, 5, building 1... Legal address: 140013, Lyubertsy, st. Spring, 16, room 586.

1.4. "Contractor's website" - a set of web pages that form an electronic platform through which the Customer orders the Contractor to manufacture the Product, located at on the Internet.

1.5. "Offer Acceptance" - the Customer's performance of the actions specified in this Offer, indicating the acceptance by this person of the terms of the Offer in full, including the performance of actions to fulfill the conditions specified in this Offer.

1.6. "Customer" - an adult capable individual, individual entrepreneur or legal entity registered on the Site, who has placed an order for the manufacture of the Product in his Personal Account on the Site, has entered into an Agreement with the Contractor by e-mail in the form of a letter as a result of the Offer Acceptance and thereby received the right to receive the Contractor's Services, and fully fulfills its obligations under the Agreement. The customer must meet the requirements specified in clause 3.3 of these Rules.

1.7. “Agreement” means this Offer Agreement for the provision of the Services selected by the Customer on the Contractor's Website, concluded between the Contractor and the Customer as a result of the Customer's Acceptance of the Offer, giving the Contractor and the Customer the rights and obligations specified in this Offer. Any link in this Offer to the Agreement (article of the Agreement) and / or its terms means the corresponding link to this Offer and / or its terms. The agreement is concluded in writing by generating electronic documents signed by a simple electronic signature of the Customer (including by attaching these parties to this offer as a result of the Offer Acceptance, attaching a description of the services provided, etc.).

1.8. "Personal Account" - a section of the Site in which the Customer can place an order for the manufacture of the Product based on the Model provided by the Customer. The Customer receives access to the Personal Account as a result of the correct completion of the registration procedure on the Site.

1.8.1 Product - an individually defined thing that must be created by the Contractor on the basis of the Model ordered by the Customer (section 4 of the Rules) in accordance with these Rules.

1.8.2 Model - a 3D model of a design work provided by the Customer to the Contractor during the placement of an order for the manufacture of the Product, on the basis of which the Contractor should create the Product. The Model is provided by uploading it to the Site when placing an order for the manufacture of the Product. Comprehensive characteristics that the Model must comply with are given on the pages of the Site. "Instructions».

1.8.3 User - an individual (including a representative of a legal entity) registered in the mobile application and gained access to the internal functionality of the application.

1.8.4 Customer's email - the email address specified by the Customer in the registration form during the registration process on the Site. In the event of a subsequent change by the Customer of the email address in his registration data, the new address is considered the Customer's Email from the moment the latter receives from the Contractor confirmation of the change of the email address to the new email address.

1.9. "Parties" - collectively referred to as the parties to the Agreement - the Contractor and the Customer.

1.10. "Service" / "Services" - the activities of the Contractor related to the provision of services:

1.10.1. XNUMXD printing;

1.10.2. XNUMXD modeling;

1.10.3. Post-printing processing of products;

1.10.4. Delivery of the goods presented on the Contractor's website;

1.10.5. XNUMXD scanning;

1.10.6. Reverse engineering;

1.10.7. Other services described on the Contractor's Website:;

1.10.8. Description of the Services, their conditions and cost are available on the Contractor's Website: /.

1.11. The terms of the Services selected by the Customer become part of the Agreement.


2.1. This offer defines all the essential terms of the contract between the Contractor and the Customer, including the procedure for the provision of the Contractor's Services.

2.2. The Offer, as well as all information about the Contractor's Services: the cost, types of provision of the Services are published on the Contractor's Website.

2.3. These Rules are applied to regulate the legal relationship between the Customer and the Contractor arising during the manufacture of the Products by the Contractor upon the Customer's order, created on the basis of the Models provided by the Customer.

2.4. These Rules do not apply to legal relations related to:

2.4.1. the purchase and sale of products by users of the Site from designers who use the Site as an electronic trading platform for the sale of their products;

2.4.2. manufacture of products to order specified in clause 2.4.1. designers for sale by designers to users through the Site.

2.5. The customer unconditionally agrees with these Rules at the time of registration on the Site. From that moment on to the legal relationship between the Contractor and the Customer specified in clause 2.3. Of the Rules, these Rules apply.

2.6. Registration on the Site

2.6.1. Placing an order for the manufacture of the Product is preceded by registration on the Site.

2.6.2. Any person can register on the Site and register as a user of the Site by performing the actions specified in this section.

2.6.3. Registration is carried out by following the instructions set out in the relevant section of the Site. When registering, a person must indicate his:

  • Username, which is a unique identifier of the user, with which he can enter his Personal Account;
  • The password with which the user will be able to enter his Personal Account;
  • Email address (Email of the Customer).

The rest of the fields in the registration form are filled in by a person at will.

2.6.4. The customer at any time can change his data specified during registration in his Personal Account.

2.6.5. The fact of registration of the user is confirmed by an e-mail sent to the e-mail of the Customer.

2.7. Placing an order

2.7.1. The Customer places an order for the manufacture of the Product in a special section "Online Calculation".

2.7.2. When placing an Order, the Customer: uploads to the Site using a special electronic form the Model, on the basis of which he wishes to manufacture the Product, by Infill in the required form fields. The model must meet the requirements of the Contractor in the sections of the Site "Instructions" and "WIKI". Otherwise, the Contractor does not guarantee the successful placement of the order. provides other information marked as mandatory in the order placement form, including information on the preferred method of delivery of the Product to the Customer from those proposed when placing the Order. If such information is not provided, the Order cannot be placed.

2.7.3. After Infill in all the fields of the electronic order placement form, the Customer sends the order to the Contractor by clicking the "Checkout" button on the "Cart" page.

2.7.4. Placing an Order is considered to be successfully completed from the moment of receipt from the Contractor to the email address specified by the Customer during registration, a letter confirming the placement of the Order.


3.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with the Services selected by him.

3.2. The Customer undertakes to pay for the Services on the terms and in the manner determined by this Agreement.

3.3. These rules are a public offer (clause 2 of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) of the Contractor.

3.4. At the time of payment (including partial) to the Contractor for the order for the manufacture of the Product (clause 4 of the Rules), the Customer accepts the public offer of the Contractor and concludes a public contract for the manufacture of the Product with the Contractor, which consists of:
· These Rules;
· Other conditions for the manufacture of Products set out in the form of placing an order on the Site;
· Conditions on the price and production time of the Product set forth in the Refined Conditions (clause 5.1.1. Of the Rules).


4.1. The proper unconditional acceptance of this Offer in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is the payment by the Client for the Contractor's Services on the terms of 100% prepayment.

4.2. The cost of the Services and methods of payment for the Services by the Customer, a description of the additional options provided by the Contractor for payment and receipt of the Services are published on the Contractor's Website. By paying and / or ordering the Services, the Customer expresses full and unconditional agreement with the terms of the Offer in force at the time of payment, part of which are the conditions for the provision of the Services.

4.3. The product is manufactured by the Contractor on a 100% prepayment basis. The Customer transfers to the Contractor 100% of the cost of the work on the manufacture of the Product specified in the Order form when placing the Order. The method of payment is chosen by the Customer independently from the methods offered when placing the Order. The cost of work on the manufacture of the Product specified in the Order form does not include the cost of delivery and packaging. The exact amounts of the cost of delivery and packaging will be indicated additionally in the Order form when it is posted on the Site. If the Contractor does not receive funds equal to the entire cost of manufacturing the Product, as well as the cost of its delivery and packaging, from the Customer within 2 (two) working days from the date of receipt of the completed Order, the Contractor has the right to cancel the Order. In this case, upon receipt of funds from the Customer not in full or receipt of funds later than the above-mentioned terms, the Contractor returns such funds to the Customer in a convenient way for himself, minus the commissions and fees of payment agents through which the funds are transferred, if any.


5.1. The customer undertakes to:

5.1.1. Pay in full for the Services in the order of 100% prepayment before the start of their provision;

5.1.2. Provide the Contractor with information (including personal data) necessary for the Contractor to provide the Customer with the Services and fulfill his other obligations established by the Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation;

5.1.3. To independently monitor any updates to the information posted on the Contractor's Website, including to monitor changes in the conditions for the provision of the Services, changes in this Agreement and any other materials that are directly or indirectly related to the provision of the Service or affect them. The customer is deprived of the right to refer to the lack of awareness of these changes, if such changes are posted on the Contractor's website;

5.1.4. Do not reproduce (copy), distribute, make public, and in any other way not use any results of intellectual activity that become available to the Customer in the process or as a result of the provision of the Services.

5.1.5. Familiarize yourself with all the materials listed on the artist's website: Pay special attention to materials describing the accuracy of XNUMXD printing (, strength of manufactured products (, .

5.1.6. Before placing an order for 3D printing, get advice on choosing the technological parameters of 7D printing from a specialist by phone +495 (532) 43-47-XNUMX for the correct choice of printer and printing parameters on the website

5.1.7. The Customer has the right to send claims to the work of the Contractor and proposals for improving the quality of work (including regarding the functioning and convenience of the Site) to the Quality Service of the Contractor by e-mail: Com.

5.2. The customer has the right to receive the ordered Service subject to its advance payment.

5.3. The Customer has the right to refuse the Product before its transfer to the Customer, however, the advance paid by the Customer for the manufacture of the Product is not subject to return to the Customer.

5.4. The Contractor undertakes to organize and provide the Service selected by the Customer with high quality and taking into account the description of the Service that is selected by the Customer.

5.5. The performer has the right to:

5.6.1. Do not admit to the receipt of the Services persons whose data provided at the conclusion of the Agreement do not coincide with the data of persons applying for the provision of the Services immediately before the commencement of the provision of the Services;

5.6.2. To independently choose the form of provision of the Services, taking into account the conditions for the provision of the Services, selected by the Customer;

5.6.3. At any time, in whole or in part, change the description of the Services, taking into account the prior notification of the Customer; such changes and additions take effect immediately after the appropriate notification, which can be sent to the Customer in any form, including, but not limited to, posting the corresponding notification on the Contractor's Website and / or in any other way.

5.6.4. Publish the results of actions provided on the service for advertising purposes and / or when working with other potential customers.

5.6.5. In the case of a 3D printing service, produce a product relying on the accuracy of a XNUMXD printer, unless otherwise specified in a separate contract for the provision of a XNUMXD printing service indicating all dimensions, tolerances, surface roughness or other accuracy. The accuracy of the XNUMXD printer chosen by the customer at the time of ordering can be obtained from the manufacturer.

5.6.6 In the case of manufacturing products on a 3D printer, do not take into account shrinkage or overheating of the material. Print the product with the parameters selected by the customer on the contractor's website when placing an order.

5.6.7 Deviate from the shape of the 3D model uploaded on the site during the ordering process, but no more than 10% of the dimensions and the specified configuration.

5.6.8 Allow defects on the surface of products when performing “painting” or “glossing” services, arising from the technology of three-dimensional printing or exposure to external environmental factors, including during storage and transportation.

5.6.9 Produce Products independently or has the right to involve third parties in the manufacture of Products at its choice. In this case, the Contractor is responsible for the results of the work of third parties to the Customer.

5.6.10 To manufacture and transfer the Products to the delivery service for transfer to the Customer within the time period specified in the Amended Conditions. Due to the fact that, within the framework of one Order, the Customer has the right to order the manufacture of several Products, and also, in addition, to purchase third-party Products, which is not the subject of these Rules and the legal relationship under which is governed by other documents, the Customer agrees that upon purchasing by them (by purchasing and / or ordering for manufacturing) of two or more Products within one Order, the Contractor, in the Specified Conditions, sets for all Products the maximum period of transfer to the delivery service established for each of the Products ordered within the same Order separately.

5.6.11 Change these Rules or other conditions for the manufacture of the Product (clause 3.4. Of the Rules) unilaterally. Changes to these Rules or other conditions for the manufacture of the Product in relation to an order already formed and accepted by the Contractor is possible only until the Customer makes full payment for such an order to the Contractor. After the Customer makes payment, the Contractor has the right to change the terms of these Rules or other conditions for the manufacture of the Product in relation to the paid order only with the consent of the Customer.

5.6.12 Refuse to manufacture the Product in the absence of the Customer's guilty behavior, subject to the return to the Customer of the advance paid for the manufacture of the Product.

5.7. Clarification of the conditions for the manufacture of the Product by the Contractor

5.7.1. The Contractor, no later than 5 (five) days from the moment the Customer receives a letter confirming the placement of the Order, sends a letter to the Customer's e-mail containing the specified conditions for manufacturing the Product (Clarified Conditions), or information about the Contractor's refusal to manufacture the Product. The revised conditions should not contradict these Rules and other conditions posted on the Site at the time of sending the Clarified conditions to the Customer, except for the case described in clause 5.4.10. of these Rules.
5.7.2. The Contractor has the right to refuse to manufacture the Product in the following cases: If the Model posted by the Customer is contrary to moral and ethical standards; If the manufacture of the Product based on the Model using the material proposed by the Customer is technically impossible, or the Product may turn out to be so fragile that it cannot be used for its intended purpose; If the Contractor does not have the technical ability to manufacture the Product (including the fact that the Contractor does not have the necessary materials or technical means for the manufacture of the Product, etc.); If the Product is potentially dangerous to the life and health of third parties; If the funds for the manufacture of the Product were not received in full (clause 4.3. Of the Agreement); In other cases, by the decision of the Contractor, notifying the Customer about the reasons for the refusal.
5.7.3. If the Contractor agrees to manufacture the Product, the Specified Conditions shall indicate the exact cost and time of manufacture of the Product, calculated in accordance with the terms of the "Materials" section on the Site, as well as the cost of delivery and packaging of the Product. In the event of a significant excess of the overall volume of the Model, on the basis of which the Product is manufactured, over the useful volume (the volume of the actual material in the finished Product), the manufacturing cost can be adjusted and recalculated on an individual basis.
5.7.4. If the Contractor refuses to manufacture the Product, he returns to the Customer the funds paid by the Customer for the manufacture of the Product within 5 (five) working days from the date of sending the letter to the Customer refusing to manufacture the Product (clause 5.5.1. Of the Agreement).
5.7.5. If the Customer places an Order for the manufacture of several Products, the Contractor has the right to refuse within the framework of clause 5.5.2. Of the Rules for the manufacture of one or more Products from the Order. In this case, in relation to Products that the Contractor refused to manufacture, the conditions of clause 5.5.4 apply. of these Rules, and in relation to the rest of the Products from the Order - the conditions of clause 5.5.3. Of the contract. If, due to a partial refusal to manufacture the Products, the Customer has lost interest in the Order as a whole, he has the right to refuse it by sending an appropriate notification to the Contractor within 3 (three) hours from the receipt of notification of the refusal to manufacture the Products from the Contractor. In this case, the conditions of clause 5.5.3. The rules apply to the entire Order.

5.8. Product Acceptance
5.8.1. Upon the manufacture of the Product and its readiness for transfer to the delivery service, the Contractor sends a corresponding notification to the Customer's e-mail.
5.8.2. The product is transferred to the Customer in the manner specified by the latter when placing the Order (section 4 of the Rules). The method of transfer of the Product can be changed by the Customer only with the consent of the Contractor.
5.8.3. In the event that the goods were ordered by the client on the site, but for some reason did not pick up the goods within 14 days from the date of notification of the readiness of the order for delivery, the contractor reserves the right to dispose of the goods without refund to the customer.

5.9. The customer reserves the right to refuse to fulfill the order and make a refund if the order contains a 3D model of a military weapon or its elements, sex toys or their components.


6.1. The Customer fully compensates for losses caused to the Contractor by violation of the terms of the Agreement by the Customer or a third party in whose interests the Customer entered into the Agreement.

6.2. The Customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information (including personal data) provided to the Contractor when ordering the Services. In the event of a change in the information (including personal data) provided to the Contractor, the Customer is obliged to notify the Contractor of the changes made within 10 (ten) calendar days from the date the relevant changes come into force, but no later than 2 (two) days before the start of the Services. ... The Customer independently and in full bears all the risks associated with the lack of the Contractor's current information (including personal data).

6.3. The parties are exempt from liability for non-performance or improper performance of their obligations under the Agreement if they prove that proper performance was impossible due to force majeure circumstances that the parties could not foresee and avoid - force majeure. In this case, the presence of force majeure circumstances extends the period for the Parties to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement until the termination of the corresponding force majeure circumstances. If these circumstances are valid for more than 30 (thirty) days, the Parties have the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement.

6.4. After paying for the Services, the Customer does not have the right to refuse the Service, execute this Agreement and demand a refund of the paid cost of the Services.

6.5. In case of refusal of the Customer from the Services and from the execution of this Agreement at other times, the Contractor has the right to withhold the costs incurred by him, incurred to provide the Services to the Customer.

6.6. The Contractor is not responsible for the destruction of products made on a 3D printer as part of the provision of a service or sale, if the operating conditions were not stipulated in an additional agreement together with the conditions for loading the product.

6.7. Products supplied by the Contractor can only perform a decorative function, unless otherwise provided by a separate contract.

6.8. The order fulfillment period is 15 working days from the moment of 100% prepayment of the order and signing the approval form for post-print processing, unless otherwise specified by the contractor in the customer's personal account on the contractor's website studia3d. Com.

6.9. The order is considered completed within 5 calendar days after the customer receives a notification of the readiness of the order in the customer's personal account on the website, or after the customer picks up the order from the office by pickup or courier delivery.

6.10. Services for post-printing processing of products are provided by the Contractor only after signing an Agreement Form for post-printing processing, indicating all special finishes, colors, roughness and other things. A sample of the approval form can be obtained by e-mail Com. Pay attention, carefully check the original layout! Your signature is the basis for production. Claims for errors discovered later will not be accepted!

6.11. Technological parameters of XNUMXD printing not listed on the site are installed at the discretion of specialists Studia3D. Com.

6.12. In the event that the client does not pick up the order after the manufacture of the products of the Contractors from the transport company or the point of issue of orders, the Contractor has the right to charge and issue an additional invoice to the Customer for storing the parcel in accordance with the tariffs of the transport company.


7.1. The Customer's claim for non-fulfillment and / or improper fulfillment by the Contractor of its obligations under the Agreement is presented in paper writing and is subject to registration within 5 working days from the date of its receipt by the Contractor. The claim shall be accompanied by the documents necessary for consideration of the claim, which must contain information about non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the Contractor's obligations under the Agreement.

7.2. If the claim was recognized by the Contractor as justified, the identified deficiencies must be eliminated. Refusal to satisfy the claim must be reasoned within 60 calendar days from the date of registration of the Claim. The customer may be offered options:

7.2.1. Receive a Service or Product at a different time;

7.2.2. Receive another Service or Product of equal price;

7.2.3. Get a discount on Services or Products;

7.2.4. Refund of money paid in the form of prepayment for Services or Goods.

7.3. All disputes directly or indirectly related to the Offer and the Agreement concluded as a result of the Offer Acceptance shall be resolved by the parties through negotiations. If the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, all disputes are subject to consideration in court at the location of the Contractor. Compliance with the claim procedure for resolving a dispute by the Customer before going to court is mandatory.


8.1. The Customer, in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27.07.2006, 152 No. XNUMX-FZ "On Personal Data" as a result of the Offer Acceptance, gives the Contractor consent to the collection, storage and processing, including automated processing, of information related to personal data (hereinafter "Personal data ”) The Customer or a third party, in whose interests the Customer concludes an agreement (last name, first name, patronymic, registration address, place of residence, contact numbers, e-mail addresses, payment amounts) including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change ), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data. The processing of Personal Data is carried out in order to conclude an Agreement with the Contractor on the basis of this Offer, any other agreements and their further execution, settle settlements with the Customer, make decisions or take other actions that give rise to legal consequences in relation to the Customer or third parties, provide the Customer with information about the information provided. By the Contractor, the fulfillment of contractual obligations to third parties, as well as in order to inform the Customer about changes in the conditions for the provision of Services, the terms of the Offer, about new products and services developed and / or offered by the Contractor and / or its counterparties and partners. The Customer, upon Acceptance of the Offer, agrees to receive advertising information.

8.2. The consent given by the Customer in relation to the processing of personal data specified in clause 7.1. The Offer is given to the Contractor before the expiration of the storage time of the relevant information or documents containing the above information, determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, after which it can be withdrawn by sending the Customer a written notice to the Contractor at least 3 (three) months before the withdrawal of consent ... Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data automatically means a unilateral refusal from the Customer's Services.


9.1. The Agreement enters into force from the moment of the Acceptance of this Offer in the manner prescribed by clause 4.1 of the Agreement, and is valid during the period for the provision of the Services in terms of the obligations to provide the Services and for other periods, if such periods are specified in the Offer (for example, in relation to consent to processing of personal data), or until its termination on the grounds provided for in this Agreement, including in the absence of the technical ability to provide the Services.


10.1. All claims to the Contractor must be sent by the Customer in writing using courier mail with obligatory certification of the content, or by a valuable letter with a list of attachments with acknowledgment of receipt, unless a different procedure for sending them is specifically provided for by the terms of the Agreement.

10.2. All other messages and proposals, as well as any other documents related to this Agreement, with the exception of those specified in clause 8.1. of this Offer, may be sent to the postal and e-mail addresses of the Parties, and are appropriate if they allow the sender to be identified (for example, contain the name, e-mail address, contact details of such a person).

10.3. The parties agreed to apply the rules on a simple electronic signature to the signing of documents constituting the content of electronic correspondence, considering as such a simple electronic signature the mailbox addresses specified in the details of the Contractor and contained in the data about the Customer specified in the order of the Service, equating such simple electronic signatures to an analogue of the handwritten signature of the Parties, and documents in electronic form - to analogs of documents on paper. The parties undertake to keep the keys of their electronic signatures confidential.


SP Kamonichkina Natalia Vladimirovna
INN: 740105335217
OGRNIP: 318502700034275
Legal Address: 140013, Lyubertsy, Vesennyaya st., 16, room 586

Personal Data Processing Policy

1. General provisions

This personal data processing policy has been drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of July 27.07.2006, 152. № XNUMX-ФЗ "On personal data" and determines the procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data Individual entrepreneur Kamonichkina Natalya Vladimirovna (hereinafter referred to as the Operator).
1. The operator sets as his most important goal and condition for the implementation of his activities the observance of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen when processing his personal data, including protecting the rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.
2. This Operator's policy regarding the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information that the Operator can receive about visitors to the website https://studia3d. Com.
3. The operator does not offer its services and does not promote its Site, nor does it collect or intentionally collect or store personal information from children under 14 years of age. If you believe that a child under the age of 14 may have provided information to the Operator, please contact him at, and the Operator will immediately remove it.

2. Key Concepts Used in Politics

1. Automated processing of personal data - processing of personal data using computer technology;
2. Blocking of personal data - temporary termination of the processing of personal data (unless the processing is necessary to clarify personal data);
3. Website - a set of graphic and informational materials, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure their availability on the Internet at the network address https://studia3d.with;
4. Personal data information system - a set of personal data contained in databases, and ensuring their processing of information technologies and technical means;
5. Anonymization of personal data - actions, as a result of which it is impossible to determine without the use of additional information the ownership of personal data to a specific User or other personal data subject;
6. Processing personal data - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), retrieval, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data;
7. Operator - a state body, municipal body, legal or natural person, independently or jointly with other persons organizing and (or) processing personal data, as well as determining the purposes of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) performed with personal data;
8. Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable User of the website https://studia3d.with;
9. User - any visitor to the website https://studia3d.with;
10. Provision of personal data - actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a specific person or a certain circle of persons;
11. Dissemination of personal data - any actions aimed at disclosing personal data to an undefined circle of people (transfer of personal data) or familiarizing oneself with personal data of an unlimited circle of people, including disclosing personal data in the media, posting on information and telecommunication networks or providing access personal data in any other way;
12. Cross-border transfer of personal data - the transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state to a foreign state authority, a foreign individual or foreign legal entity;
13. Destruction of personal data - any actions as a result of which personal data are destroyed irrevocably with the impossibility of further restoring the content of personal data in the personal data information system and (or) as a result of which material carriers of personal data are destroyed.

3. The Operator may process the following personal data of the User

1. Full Name;
2. Email address
3. Phone numbers;
4. Photo;
5. Taxpayer identification number, date of its registration, details of the certificate of registration with the tax authority;
6. Address of the actual place of residence and registration at the place of residence and (or) at the place of stay;
7. Amounts of payments;
8. The site also collects and processes anonymous data about visitors (including cookies) using Internet statistics services (Yandex Metric and Google Analytics and others).
9. User's IP address.
10. The above data are further incorporated in the text of the Policy by the general concept of Personal Data.

4. Purpose of processing personal data

1. The purpose of processing the User’s personal data is to inform the User by sending emails; conclusion, execution and termination of civil law contracts; providing the User with access to services, information and / or materials contained on the website.
2. Also, the Operator has the right to send the User notifications about new products and services, special offers and various events. The user can always refuse to receive informational messages by sending a letter to the Operator to the email address labeled "Opt out of notifications about new products and services and special offers."
3. Anonymized user data collected using the Internet statistics services is used to collect information about the actions of users on the site, improve the quality of the site and its content.
4. In addition to the above-described use and disclosure of information, the Operator may transfer information to any reseller from whom the User purchased the products or services of the Operator, as well as to third parties for marketing or other purposes. The Operator may use third-party service providers to manage the business and the Site or take actions on behalf of the User, such as sending newsletters or surveys.

5. Legal grounds for the processing of personal data

1. The Operator processes the User's personal data only if they are filled in and / or sent by the User independently through special forms located on the website By Infill out the relevant forms and / or sending their personal data to the Operator, the User expresses his consent to this Policy.
2. The operator processes anonymized data about the User if it is allowed in the settings of the User’s browser (the storage of cookies and the use of JavaScript technology are enabled).
3. The user is aware that the use of the Internet can never be 100% secure and that there are certain risks to the protection of personal data. The Operator undertakes to exercise reasonable diligence to protect personal data, but cannot guarantee or guarantee that the data provided by the User to the Operator is safe and protected from unauthorized access by third parties, and does not bear any responsibility in this regard.

6. The procedure for the collection, storage, transfer and other types of processing of personal data

The security of personal data processed by the Operator is ensured through the implementation of legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fully implement the requirements of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.
1. The operator ensures the safety of personal data and takes all possible measures to exclude access to personal data of unauthorized persons.
2. The User’s personal data will never, under any circumstances, be transferred to third parties, with the exception of cases related to the implementation of applicable law.
3. In case of revealing inaccuracies in personal data, the User can update them independently by sending a notification to the Operator to the Operator's email address. marked "Updating personal data".
4. The period for processing personal data is unlimited. The user can revoke his consent to the processing of personal data at any time by sending a notification to the Operator via e-mail to the Operator's email address. marked "Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data".

7. Cross-border transfer of personal data

1. The operator, prior to the start of the cross-border transfer of personal data, is obliged to make sure that the foreign state in whose territory it is supposed to transfer personal data provides reliable protection of the rights of subjects of personal data.
2. Cross-border transfer of personal data on the territory of foreign states that do not meet the above requirements can be carried out only if there is a written consent of the personal data subject to the cross-border transfer of his personal data and / or the execution of the contract to which the personal data subject is a party.

8. Final provisions

1. The user can receive any clarifications on issues of interest regarding the processing of his personal data by contacting the Operator via e-mail Com.
2. This document will reflect any changes in the policy of processing personal data by the Operator. The policy is valid indefinitely until it is replaced with a new version.
3. The current version of the Policy is freely available on the Internet at

Return Policy and Refunds

The customer can claim a refund for services in the following cases of submitting a refund request:

- until the service is provided;

- during the provision of services;

- up to 30 days from the date of payment for the service.

Goods of proper quality, made according to the individual order of the buyer, are not subject to exchange and return!

For organizations and individual entrepreneurs

The return of goods of proper and inadequate quality or money is carried out within the framework of the concluded bilateral agreement.

For individuals

Exchange and return of good quality goods

You can exchange a product of proper quality, if it does not fit in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or configuration, for a similar product. The exchange of goods is made within 14 days, excluding the day of purchase, provided that the goods were not in use, their presentation, consumer properties, seals, factory labels are preserved, and there is also a sales receipt or cashier's receipt or other document confirming the payment of the specified goods.

By agreement with you, the exchange of goods can be made upon receipt of a similar product for sale. If a similar product is not on sale on the day of circulation, you have the right to demand a refund of the amount paid for the specified product (Article 25 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights").

If you have presented a claim for the return of the amount paid for the goods, it is satisfied within ten days from the date of the corresponding request (Article 22 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights"). In case of refusal of the buyer from the goods of good quality, the cost of delivery of the goods and sending it back is not refunded.

Exchange and return of goods of inadequate quality

If you received a product of inadequate quality (which is defective and cannot ensure the performance of its functional qualities), you have the right to return or exchange the product.

We provide customers with the opportunity to check the goods for defects within 14 days. Goods for which the warranty period is established, return is possible during the warranty period.


The amount paid for the goods is refunded in the same way as it was deposited. For a refund, you must present:

  • cashier's check;
  • passport.

Cash refunds will not be made without presenting a passport. To apply for a refund, you must send an email (or bring in person to the head office at the legal address of the company) statementsigned by the individual who owns the rights to the applicable payment method. For legal entities, it is necessary to send an application on letterhead with the seal of the organization (if applicable) and the signature of an authorized person in free form with payment details and the document number that is the basis for payment, and support the application with documents confirming the fact of payment.


Dear Clients, we inform you that when requesting a refund upon refusal to purchase, the refund is made exclusively to the same bank card from which the payment was made.

Refunds are made in the same way as the purchase was made. We always return funds only by the method of payment by which we received funds from you. For example, if you paid for the Service with a VISA / MASTERCARD, the refund is made by canceling the transaction (refund) and, as a result, the refund can only be made to your VISA / MASTERCARD. Refund times depend on which payment method was used.

When making a refund, a service fee or a bank / payment system commission for the refund may be withheld, which are deducted from the amount to be refunded.

This Refund Policy is subject to change without notice.