Preparation of control programs for 3D printers

What do we offer?

Many users of 3D printers after purchasing equipment do not have the competence to work in specialized software for preparing an executable file for a 3D printer from which the machine takes all the data for manufacturing the product. When working with our specialists, you get:

  • Executive file(s) for 3D printer
  • Setting up 3D printing modes for specified materials
  • Profile for preparing future models
  • Profile testing by our experts

When ordering this service, you get the opportunity to engage in your direct activities without the need to hire a separate employee to prepare the code for the 3D printer. For you, we will prepare the file(s) for any Technology, which will contain all trajectories, modes, supporting structures and other parameters.

Personal and industrial 3D printers

Now you don't have to spend time preparing executable files for 3D printers. Focus on business!

Online 3D Printing School

Who might be interested in this?

Production managers

Do you have several 3D printers and no time left to prepare control programs? Try our offer and focus on the product.

Corporate Banking

Do you use or plan to work on 3D printers in your company? Then this offer might be of interest to you. Replacing an employee, saving money and time. 

Private users

To prepare the control program, use the cloud system Studia3D Cloud.

Detailsin the development

Service cost

Small series of products
  • Approximately 1 day of work
  • For a small series of products
  • Your Equipment
  • Profile preparation
  • Code testing
Projects (maintenance)
  • Approximately 5 working days
  • For a big project
  • For large size
  • Profile preparation
  • Profile testing

Or one-time code preparation

We will prepare the G-code of your product for 3D printing on your printer. In this case, we will only give you the G-code. The 3D printing profile settings will remain with us. If you want to get a 3D printing profile that contains all the parameters of your 3D printer and settings for selected materials, use the "Small series" package.


You send us a model, we prepare G-Code for your 3D printer. You only do printing. 

Optimally I want to get a G-Code

Studia3D Cloud

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