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Studia3D is an expert in the field of 3D printing. We provide clients with the opportunity to turn their creative and technical ideas into reality using advanced 3D printing technologies.


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Manufacturing technologies

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) This technology allows parts to be created using a laser to sinter a powder material such as nylon or polyamide.
FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) With FDM, we create products, layer by layer, by melting and applying the plastic material.
SLM/DMP (Selective Laser Melting/Direct Metal Printing) These technologies are used to print metal parts, where the metal powder is melted and solidified by laser light.
MJM/MJP (MultiJet Modeling/MultiJet Printing) These techniques are used to create accurate and detailed models using multiple jets that deposit material with precision.
SLA/LCD/DLP (Stereolithography/Liquid Crystal Display/Digital Light Processing) These technologies use photosensitive fluids and ultraviolet radiation to create highly detailed and complex objects.
FGF (Fused granulate fabrication) The technology is carried out by melting granular plastics and feeding the resulting mass at a constant speed through a nozzle onto the platform.

We print every detail!

Technology for your product

3D printing services

With our help, you can easily translate your creative and engineering ideas into real objects. We offer a wide range of materials and high-precision 3D printers to meet a wide variety of needs. Whether you need a prototype, an art object or a part for your project, we are ready to help you. Trust the experience and quality of our 3D printing services.

3D printing materials

We work with a variety of materials including plastic, metal and biodegradable materials. You can choose the appropriate material for your project. Choosing the right materials is a key step in successful 3D printing. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of materials.



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Our portfolio in the world of 3D printing is the embodiment of creative and innovative ideas into reality. We specialize in creating unique and functional 3D printing solutions that cover a wide range of areas.

Our experience includes making prototypes for engineering projects, personalized gifts and souvenirs, parts for mockups and many other projects. 


We pride ourselves on our individual approach to each order and our attention to detail. Browse our portfolio to see examples of our projects and see the quality of our 3D printed products.

We are always ready to take your requests and turn your ideas into reality using 3D printing! We work with both individuals and corporate clients.

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We create unique objects, prototypes and design products. Give your projects a new dimension with 3D printing!

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