CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

A method of manufacturing parts and objects using specialized machines controlled by computers. In this process, the computer programs and controls the movement of the tool and material to create an object with a specific shape and dimensions.

CNC machining is widely used in industry and is an important technology for the production of complex and high-precision parts and products.


Limit deviations:
± 0.01 mm (dimension up to 200 mm per side)

Surface Roughness:
On request

Minimum thickness

Wall thickness:
not less than 0.1 mm

Shell thickness:
not less than 0.2 mm

Minimum opening

Minimum opening:
0.1 mm

Hole without support:
0.1 mm

Loading a 3D model

Upload your 3D model in the format .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges.

Calculating the cost

The system calculates the cost based on the selected material.


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