UV resin

A type of liquid polymer material that hardens or cures when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This curing process is very fast and is controlled by exposure to UV light of a certain wavelength. UV resins are widely used in various fields including 3D printing. 

SLA technology

Stereolithography Apparatus

This technology belongs to the category of laser sintering and uses an ultraviolet laser to cure a layer of liquid resin and create three-dimensional objects. SLA printing is characterized by high precision and the ability to create objects with extremely complex geometric shapes and high detail. This makes it popular in industries such as the medical, jewelry and aerospace industries where high precision and quality manufacturing is required.

LCD technology

Liquid Crystal Display

It is used in various devices, including monitors, TVs, smartphones and also in 3D printers. LCD technology in 3D printing is used in printers that are classified as SLA and DLP (Digital Light Processing). LCD technology in 3D printing allows you to create objects with high detail and quality. It also provides high print speeds, making it popular in a variety of applications including jewelry, prototyping, and manufacturing.frequent choice

DLP technology

Digital Light Processing

A 3D printing method that is used to create three-dimensional objects. It is a variation of SLA technology and also uses photosensitive liquid and ultraviolet (UV) radiation to create objects. DLP technology provides high precision and print quality, and allows you to create parts with a smooth surface. It finds application in jewelry manufacturing, dentistry and other areas where high detail is required.


Limit deviations:
± 0.1 mm (dimension up to 200 mm per side)

Surface Roughness:

Minimum thickness

Wall thickness:
not less than 0.4 mm

Shell thickness:
not less than 0.6 mm

Minimum opening

Minimum opening:
0.8 mm

Hole without support:
5 mm

Loading a 3D model

Upload your 3D model in the format .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges.

Calculating the cost

The system calculates the cost based on the selected material.


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