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3D printing with an integrated automatic checkout system. Manufacturer of unique equipment and materials for 3D printing. We make products on 3D printers. We have already helped more than 5000 clients realize their unique ideas.

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Every day we strive to make 3D technology accessible to everyone! Our production...

Main activities

3D printing to order (3D printing services).
Production of large-sized products by 3D printing.
Creation and sale of 3D models for CNC machines. Design.
3D scanning services.
Small-scale production by 3D printing.
Production of figures, art objects and decorations.
Manufacture of spare and upgraded parts for the auto/moto industry.
Manufacturing of medical instruments and devices.
Technical customer support.
Souvenir production.
Manufacture of body products.
Production of architectural models.
Repair of equipment for 3D printing.
Sale of 3D printers.
Sale of consumables.
Sale of accessories.

Services and products

Studia3D Calculator | Online 3D printing cost calculator.
Studia3D Printing service | Cloud service for 3D printing.
Studia3D Viewer | Free viewing of 3D models in the browser.
Studia3D Apps | Applications for mobile devices.
Studia3D Converter | Free WEB converter from STP to STL.
Studia3D aggregator | The first marketplace in the field of 3D printing.
Studia3D Printers | Production of 3D printers.
Studia3D Filament | Production of plastic for 3D printers.
Studia3D Resin | Production of photopolymer resin for 3D printers.
Studia3D Support | Technical customer support.
Studia3D Dev | Software development.
Studia3D Edu | Online school for 3D printing.
Studia3D ads | Service for bringing goods to trading platforms.
Studia3D Cloud | Cloud system for remote launch of 3D printing.
Studia3D Box | Controller that connects to 3D printers.
Studia3D Transfer | System for sending 3D models for cost calculation.
Studia3D Wear | Line of special clothes for 3D printers.

Studia3D aggregator

All projects are conveniently presented in a file

Our 3D farms

3D farm for making goods

40 units of 3D printers

3D farm for making orders

120 units of 3D printers

Our clients

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History of development

September 2023

Major update order distribution systems Studia3D aggregator.

March 2023

Production in Nizhny Novgorod exceeded the bar in 100 units of 3D printers.

April 2022

Release production in Nizhny Novgorod.

March 2020

Release Studia3D aggregator... The first Aggregator in the field of 3D printing.

December 2019

Release mobile applications
Studia3D Viewer

August 2019

Free launch converter
STP to STL models

April 2019

Free launch viewing service
3D models

January 2017

Internet project launch Studia3D. Com. 3D printing service. Russia.

March 2014

Purchase of the first 3D printer. Home activities.

Curious about the details?

The development process through the eyes of the creator

We are working with 2014 year

Since 2014, we have been using the latest technologies for the high-quality implementation of your projects. Always on the move and up to date.

We are constantly improving

We do not stop there and are constantly learning new techniques and skills! This is the only way to stay one step ahead.

Unique projects

A large store of knowledge in 3D printing and a huge practical experience allows us to create unique things for you. We carry out complex projects!

15.08.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Small-scale 3D printing

3D printing of a small series of parts from Pet-G! When a large number of parts are required, without...

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31.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Order 3D printing online

Batch of parts from black Pet-G 👍 The order was made through the online payment system Studia3D 3D printing...

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04.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing from Pet-G

3D printing parts from Pet-G Studia3D Filament The characteristics and features of the filament can be found on...

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29.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Photopolymer 3D printing

And again, parts made of photopolymer resin👋🏿 You can understand from the shape that this is the same customer,...

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07.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing of profiles

Before ordering from an extrusion company, the designers decided to check the dimensions of the seats by printing the products with us. ...

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