Jobs in Studia3D

Join the fastest growing 3D printing service. Unique and exciting projects, a huge and interesting experience of work in a creative team are waiting for you! The positions that are in demand are described below.

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Executive Director (Moscow)

The financial analysis! Analytics and control.

Product Manager

Create the most interesting products for the best customers!

Marketing and PR manager

Create the most interesting advertising campaigns!

Office Manager

Surprise everyone with order, consistency and office work!

Account Manager (Moscow)

Launching orders in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Production manager (Moscow)

Surprise with workshop productivity! Show real quality!

3D Printing Engineer (Moscow)

Surprise with the quality of preparing the code for the production of the product!

3D printer operator (Moscow)

Surprise with the quality of the finished product!

Purchasing Manager

Surprise with the quality of work with suppliers!

Marketplace Manager (Moscow)

Surprise with the quality of work with trading platforms!

Internet services support specialist (Moscow)

Show everyone how computer programs and systems should work!

Online school manager (Moscow)

Show everyone how tutorials should work!


Show everyone how the goods in the warehouse should work!

Content manager (adding products to the site)

Products from 3D printing and 3D modeling!

Internship at Studia3D

Learn 3D printing and 3D modeling with us!

Handyman assembler packer 

Assembly and gluing of printed products and packaging of goods!

15.08.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Small-scale 3D printing

3D printing of a small series of parts from Pet-G! When a large number of parts are required, without...

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31.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Order 3D printing online

Batch of parts from black Pet-G 👍 The order was made through the online payment system Studia3D 3D printing...

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04.05.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing from Pet-G

3D printing parts from Pet-G Studia3D Filament The characteristics and features of the filament can be found on...

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29.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments Photopolymer 3D printing

And again, parts made of photopolymer resin👋🏿 You can understand from the shape that this is the same customer,...

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07.03.2023/0/XNUMX • XNUMX Comments 3D printing of profiles

Before ordering from an extrusion company, the designers decided to check the dimensions of the seats by printing the products with us. ...

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