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You can connect to the system and accept orders for 3D printing, upload your 3D models to our site for sale, sell products made using 3D printing. We are actively promoting our ecosystem. The system allows you to bring you profit every day. We are not limited to one city or country! We work all over the world!

Manufacturing orders

3D Printing Aggregator System Studia3D distributes orders based on location.

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Sale of 3D models

Customers of the 3D printing service and third-party customers buy 3D models. Do you want yours to be sold?

Model shop

Sale of products

You can sell not only 3D models, but also printed products from them! It's great!

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Sale of equipment

Looking to get into 3D printing? Buy a professional 3D printer!

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Sale of materials

You can immediately buy consumables for 3D printing from us.

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You can buy spare parts for a 3D printer in our store!

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You can earn up to 80% of the order value. We have a transparent system of charging money for orders. You can calculate exactly how much you earn.


80% of the cost for 3D printing calculated in our Online calculator goes directly to the contractor along with the order. 


10% of the cost is used to pay taxes in the country where the order was accepted. The average rate of 10% has been removed for taxes.


Our earnings, delivery of orders, spending on an advertising campaign, system maintenance and updates add up to 10%.

How does it work?

Customers all over the world are in need of 3D printing. When it becomes necessary to order a product, they find a 3D Printing Aggregator and place an order. Orders are distributed among users according to several criteria:

Criteria for the distribution of orders for 3D printing

Applications are distributed among users of the system according to the following criteria:


If several users have the ordered 3D printer and technology, then the first order will be received by the one who is closest to the client.

Workload of neighbors

If the closest user is loaded and cannot fulfill the order in less than a week, then the order is transferred to the next one by location.


Studia3D Aggregator is a platform that combines and provides access to various 3D models created by different artists and designers. This is a virtual library where users can find and download 3D models to use in their projects.

Studia3D Aggregator offers a wide variety of 3D models including objects, characters, architecture, interiors and more. Users can search for models by various categories such as style, theme, or object type. This platform facilitates the process of finding and obtaining high-quality 3D models, which can be useful for designers, artists, architects and other professionals working with 3D graphics. Studia3D Aggregator helps simplify the creative process and increase the accessibility of 3D models to a wide audience.


Studia3D Aggregator offers even more features, which include the generation of 3D printing orders and their distribution among system participants. This function allows not only to download 3D models, but also to send orders for their implementation.

Studia3D Aggregator provides the ability to select the desired 3D model, specify printing options and place an order. The system then distributes the orders among participants who have 3D printers ready to fill those orders. This approach facilitates the process of obtaining details and provides system participants with the opportunity to monetize their services. Studia3D Aggregator creates a connection between the demand for 3D printing and the availability of resources of the participants in the system, which contributes to a more efficient organization of this process.

We work with third-party Marketplaces

If the goods are stored in our warehouse, we display the products on the Marketplace.

Just imagine! To display a product on all the listed marketplaces, you do not need to go through a huge number of registrations, approvals, approvals. You will not need to transport a huge amount of goods to different collection points. WE will solve all these issues, and you will calmly do your favorite thing.

Our presentation about the project

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Only the best technologies to attract customers!

3D printing - the system automatically distributes orders for 3D printing between connected contractors. During distribution, the system relies on filters: location, workload, availability of the necessary equipment.

Marketplace - when connected to the system, sellers can publish various products, 3D models, consumables, printers or products for sale on the site.

Studia3D Calculator

System for automatic cost calculation and ordering for 3D printing.

Studia3D Mobile Viewer

An application for smartphones based on iOS and Android that supports all functions of WEB services, including viewing models, ordering 3D printing and an online store.

Studia3D web viewer

View 3D models in a browser without additional software on a PC.

Studia3D Converter

Converter of 3D model formats from STP to STL. 


Your customers can place orders directly on their smartphone!

Via smartphone app Studia3D Viewer based on iOS and Android operating systems, your customers can view models in .stl .obj .stp format and immediately place orders for 3D printing.

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