3D печать

Our company is engaged in providing 3D printing services on professional and industrial grade 3D printers.

3D modeling

Engaged in polygonal modeling and CAD-design. We develop design documentation and drawings in accordance with ESKD.

3D scanning

We use 3D scanners to measure physical objects. We do reverse engineering and prototyping.

CNC milling

A machining process using milling cutters to remove material by cutting with a milling cutter.

CNC turning

Machining by cutting external and internal surfaces of revolution, including cylindrical and conical.

Laser cutting

Technology cutting and cutting materials using a high power laser followed by flexible material.

Materials we work with


Various thermoplastics and composites


Excellent strength among non-metals


Better detail in a short timeBest price!


Aluminum, stainless steel and others



Best toughness from non-metals



The best casting solution


Manufacturing technology

Work examples

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