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Application News

27.05.2023 - v2.0.20 (current version) Minor interface improvements. Fixed some links. Fixed some bugs when choosing a payment. Fixed payment issues on some devices.

v2.0.19 beta Model Viewer Update. Correction of errors when displaying the dimension of the model. Added 3D models resources page. Fixed bugs in dark theme mode. Fixed errors in the work of the converter and chats.

11.07.2020v1.1.37 An update for Android with a partially redesigned design.

07.01.2020 — v1.1.17 The app has been added to Google Play with new logic. 

06.01.2020 - The application is temporarily excluded from the AppStore and Google Play due to the upcoming update to v2.0.

18.07.2019 - Application launch for iOS and Android systems

09.04.2019 — Beta testing of the application is open Studia3D Viewer

Application versions Studia3D viewer:

Version 4.0 alfa

  • New AR feature. The app will be able to render your 3D model in space. You can put the projection of the model in any place where the camera of your ecnhjqcndf can reach. Scale, rotate, demonstrate! Ability to view 3D models in AR mode.
  • Version 3.0 alfa

  • Marketplace integration Studia3D. The application has an online store Stufia3D with all products and 3D models. 
  • System integration Studia3D aggregator. The integration will allow faster processing of 3D printing orders and in-app purchases. Sellers and contractors Studia3D Aggrerator will receive your orders directly from the application. 
  • Supports tablets and iPads

Version 2.0.20 dated 27.05.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX (current version)

  • The application is completely on a new backend server
  • Added translation into Russian and English
  • Updated user profile
  • Updated order detail screen
  • Updated library screen
  • Added a sub menu to the library screen
  • Changed the format of the application windows
  • Added the ability to select an address directly on the map 

Version 1.1 21.07.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX

  • Fixed a bug with payment by credit card.
    Added support for OBJ format.
    Improved model view mode.

Version 1.0 18.07.2019

  • Release version. Application launch.

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