Affiliate program from Studia3D

You can earn money with us by advertising our products or services.

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Referral Program

If you bring us a partner who will recommend and advertise us, then both you and the partner will receive 10% of the referral sales. To attract more sales, we will generate a promotional code for the end customer for a 10% discount.

Partnership program

If you are a blogger, influencer or additive market participant yourself, we invite you to advertise our products and services and get 10% of sales. As an additional incentive, we offer a promotional code for a 10% discount to the final buyer.

Barter cooperation

Team Studia3D actively engaged in Infill and promoting the online store and the brand's own products. You can advertise us in exchange for products from our catalog. The amount of goods will be commensurate with the cost of advertising through your customer acquisition channels.

Referral program through Studia3D Wallet

You can generate a referral link for distribution via Studia3D Wallet. Distribution of this link will allow you to replenish the wallet Studia3D in accordance with the condition of 1000 rubles. for each user who registered by clicking on the link and subsequently placed an order no later than 1 month after successful registration. This method is convenient if you have your own blog, portal or resource where you can place a link.

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