Studia3D Web Viewer

Studia3D Viewer allows you to view 3D models in the browser for free without the need to install additional software on your device.

Checking Models for Compliance 3D printing requirements.
Support for .stl, .obj, .stp, .step, .igs, .iges formats.
Ability to view the characteristics of models.

WEB browsing

Full screen view of 3D models

Directly from the browser, you can expand the 3D models view window to fill the entire screen of your monitor.

Nice color scheme for the stage.
Ability to rotate models.
All features of the small version.

Full screen preview

Free STP to STL converter

If you work with CAD projects, then a free 3D model converter from STP to STL format will be a convenient solution.

Simultaneous conversion of multiple files.
High-quality construction of a polygonal mesh.
Adaptive loading of models.
High speed of work.


Studia3D Viewer apps

We've made the process of interacting with new technologies more convenient ...

The app allows you to view 3D models, mesh specifications and place an order for 3D printing on the go!

Download APK file for Android

How to order 3D printing in the app ...



View 3D models from your smartphone
is now possible

The application supports the following 3D model formats: .stl, .stp, .obj. You can view your 3D models directly on your smartphone. Our application does not require a lot of processing power. Now you don't need a computer for this at all. The app is available for iOS и Android





Characteristics check
your 3D model

You can control the overall dimensions, volume and surface area of ​​the 3D model. You can always control the result by checking the parameters of your 3D model. Resize and control the scale. Choose material and 3D printing options. 





Store 3D models on your smartphone

All the necessary 3D models are always at hand. We have organized a convenient way to interact with your 3D models. You can share with friends, open, rename, delete 3D models. Display previews and batch processing of 3D models are available. You can see the creation date and file size. 





You can always ask a question

Without leaving the application, you can seek advice if you have any questions. The chat system with specialists takes interaction with 3D technologies to a new level! Our experts will help you decide on the material and will help in case of difficulties!





Place orders for
3D printing on the go

After payment, 3D models go straight to production! Track the status of your order. When the product is ready, a notification will be sent to you, and the order will be transferred to the courier service. The process of getting a custom product has never been so easy. See for yourself!

How to order 3D printing in the app ...


Video demonstration of the application


Coming soon for tablets!

We have already launched the development of an iPad application and are working on creating a new user-friendly interface for working on Android tablets.

Follow the development news on separate page and be the first to use the best tool of the century!

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