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Top quality 

First of all, quality is determined by the ability of a 3D printer to make a water-soluble support material. Supports this printer is built from wax, which can be easily cleaned with warm water.

Secondly, it is worth considering the ability of a 3D printer to print with a layer height of 32 micrometers. That allows you to draw even the most complex detail. 

3Dsystems PROJET MJP 2500

Professional solution from 3Dsystems. Industrial photopolymer 3D printer using MJP technology.

Large print area

The impressive printable area allows you to produce large items with maximum precision in one pass.

High accuracy

The minimum layer height is 16 microns! This is 4 times less than a human hair from the head.

3D printing technology

MultiJet Modeling (MJM) / MultiJet Printing (MJP)

UV curable acrylic plastic

Minimum wall thickness 0,6 mm

Density at 80 ° C (liquid): 1,02 g / cm3

Tensile strength: 42,4 MPa

Tensile modulus: 1463 MPa

Elongation at break: 6,83%

Flexural strength: 49 MPa

Deformation temperature at 0,45 MPa: 56 ° C





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